Tricks & Treats on E St


Kids in our neighborhood usually don’t get to attend fun events like this. In fact, before we started hosting the Halloween party many had never carved a pumpkin. Our annual Halloween party has become something kids and adults look forward to each year. We provide a safe environment where kids can enjoy Halloween-themed activities.

Our 2015 event was called Tricks & Treats on E St. It was held on Saturday, Oct. 17 with the help of many donations and volunteers. We saw around 100 kids from the block and surrounding area. They were all able to carve pumpkins, play games, have their faces painted, and enjoy special performances. The E Street Adventures team would not have been able to accomplish this without lots and lots of help from community members, friends, and family. We are all so grateful to the wonderful people who sent money, donated items from our wish list, and volunteered their time!




People helped us by donating their time as volunteers, purchasing supplies from our wish list, and donating money to pay for entertainment.

Monetary Donations


Donate money for other events through Rena’s PayPal account here:

These are the costs your donations cover:

  • Spinnabel Lee Entertainment has generously given us a lower non-profit rate of $400 for two fire performers.
  • Mystical Smiles for three hours of professional face painting at $280.
  • Renting a Halloween-themed moon bounce from Astro Jump at $335.
  • Aaron will be purchasing a professional-grade superhero costume for around $500.
  • Donations are also used to purchase extra supplies needed.

10/14/15 UPDATE: We have reached our goal to pay vendors!

Aaliyah with candy

Wish List

These are all the items we requested to make the event a success in 2015. Many people mailed us donations from places such as Amazon and Oriental Trading Company.

We were fortunate enough to receive everything from this list!

  • Pumpkins (we can get away with 30 to 40 because kids can share with siblings)
  • Pumpkin carving supplies
  • Paints and stickers to decorate pumpkins
  • Assorted bags of candy (we’ll make goody bags and prize bags)
  • Halloween-themed goodies (e.g. pencils, spider rings, small toys, stickers, etc.)
  • Paper plates and cups
  • Plastic silverware
  • Juice boxes
  • Packaged snacks (e.g. pretzels, Chex mix, clementines)
  • Hula hoops (for obstacle course)
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Vampire teeth
  • Glow Sticks
  • Halloween decorations (e.g. plastic bats and skeletons to hang from trees)
  • Scary masks (these will be used as game prizes)
  • Jack-o-lanterns
  • Plastic goody bags with twist ties
  • Speakers or other equipment to play music (we’d like to borrow this from someone)

Items were crossed off as they were fulfilled. People were asked to email with the items they’d like to donate.



Hosting an event for 100+ kids is hard work! Adult volunteers work alongside moms and dads from the neighborhood as well as members of our core staff.

Here’s what we ask for help with:

  • Scavenger hunt set-up and supervision
  • Pumpkin carving assistants (kids aren’t allowed to handle the carving tools)
  • Obstacle course set-up and supervision
  • Game creators/supervisors (some volunteers make their own games for us)
  • Craft table supervisors
  • Tattoo artists (applying temporary tattoos)
  • Moon bounce monitors
  • Costumed heroes (we’d like to have more than Aaron alone)
  • Cleaning crew

Volunteers are asked to arrive early (around 12 pm) to help with setup and get their assignments.  

Please help us continue to make this tradition a success!


 Local Business Donors

We were thrilled to have received donations from local businesses this year! Thank you to the following stores for giving us extra supplies and prizes:


How it Started

Food Corps 7

In 2013, local performers and artists came together to create a fun and safe Halloween event for the kids on E St to enjoy. We shut down the block for the day, and called the event Halloween in the Hood. About 50 kids attended and carved pumpkins, had their faces painted, played games, ate candy and other treats, had a visit from Spiderman, and ended the evening with a fire performance by the amazing Spinnabel Lee. The whole event cost around $500 and was funded entirely by E St residents, Rena and Aaron.

Halloween in the Hood was so successful that people were making requests for another event in 2014. We didn’t disappoint! This time we enlisted help from our network of friends and family and were able to grow the event even more. About 80 kids attended, we had more games and treats, more volunteers, TWO super hero special guests, and another spectacular fire performance. The cost for this event was probably around $3,000. Luckily, most of this was covered by donations.